Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katrina Pierson - Dallas Tea Party - April 15, 2009

I decided to attend the Tea Party in my own town of Rockwall TX ,instead of Dallas. Apparently I missed some exceptional speakers, such as this impressive young woman.


Anonymous said...

Katrina, are you familiar with the term "Judas goat"? What ethnicity or color do you put on your applications for anything? Is the fact that your father was a black man makes you so anti-Obama? Exactly what are you conserving (the white status-quo?

The most that I've gotten out on your tea party speech was that your friends had a house with a swimming pool and now you have one with hard work and tears. Well, I bet your white friends didn't have to work as hard as you. Think about it. They are using you to carry their filth disguised as conservative justice. Refresh yourself with the practice of using a Judas-goat: it takes one of the group's own to lead them to their destruction.

It's a truth about Black People and that is we know a phony when we see it. Too bad you can't see yourself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you don't know the definition of Conservatism. It's a shame that someone that knows ZERO about this lady assumes she doesn't know what she is doing. Only a phony would undermine someone's personal story of hard work and strength to invalidate such a patrotic cause.

Are you familiar with the Constitution? Didn't think so. Too bad you can't see yourself and realize that this lady knows the TRUTH about black people such that it was black people that sold blacks into slavery to begin with, and Obama is trying to do the same thing to all Americans!

And, I'll take the status quo before the likes of this country over 200 years ago. Obama is your Judas-goat!

Anonymous said...

I once watched the movie about the hindenberg and in it they had a song called there's something to be said about the nazi's
well i think its time to say something about conservatives you call liberals fascist? you would'nt know what the term means or anything else for that matter unless you hear it on fox or listen to rush or beck.
Conservatives dont read they slept through history and government and social studies and they still believe a black person belongs on a plantation instead of the white house.
You go to church but you think jesus was kiding when he said to love your enemies and to give to the poor and to feed the hungry and clothe the naked the pheroseas of his day were no different then the religous right of today.
let me make it clear the kingdom of heaven is not here but it is coming repent.
but barney frank was probably right you cant talk sense to a dining room table
zieg heil yall

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Anonytroll. Fascism is a leftist ideology, I don't care what wiki says.
Conservatives freed the slaves; dem's wanted them enslaved forever, and now, have set their sights on us all irregardless of race - I guess that's what they mean by colorblind, eh?