Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama and the UN Millinium Development Goals

I'm listening to Obama's speech before the UN General Assembly, and I heard him mention that the US fully supports something called the Millinum Development Goals. This is unsurprising as he said during the campain that the Millinium Goals would be America's goals, and one of the few bills Obama submitted during his short Senate career was the "Global Poverty Act", which sought to implement many of the Millinium Goals. Had this become law, the US would have been obligated to give .7% of our GNP to the United Nations (a cesspool of corruption), essentially paying a Global Tax, and would severly weaken American soverignty in several ways. It gets worse. The Millinium Goals also commits countries to banning "small arms and light weapons". Get ready.

The goals themselves seem noble enough: End Poverty and Hunger; Universal Education; Gender Equality; Child Health; Maternal Health; Combat HIV/AIDS; Enviromental Sustainability; Global Partnership. The devil of course is in the details.

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