Saturday, March 20, 2010

Evil Never Sleeps

Dr. Jack Wheeler's article "Evil Never Sleeps" describes the evil we now face, and will always face. There have always been those pathologically driven to control the lives of others, and there always will be. They shall not rest, so neither can we.  An excerpt:

Valuing the founding American principle that every individual has a moral right to his or her own life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own personal happiness enables a politician to resist the temptation to use power to control other's lives.

It is disregarding that founding principle that provides the path to evil - which we could define as the compulsion to control the lives of others, the willingness to sacrifice the lives and happiness of others in order to achieve your own goals.

And yes, Democrats have a word for this evil.  They call it "compassion."

They have other words for their moral cannibalism, such as "fairness" and "social justice."

There are many lessons to be drawn from this, but the one to focus on right now is that the evil currently personified by Pelosi-Reid-Obama is compulsive.  It is relentless.  Liberals will never ever give up and leave us alone.  It is the purpose of their lives to control ours.  Evil never sleeps.

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