Friday, September 24, 2010

Dept. of Education To Create "Green Citizens"

Dept. of Education Secretary Duncan's remarks at a "Sustainability Summit" show that the agency has a goal of brainwashing children to accept climate change and a reduced standard of living. That's great - they'll really feel good about themselves and how they are saving the planet while the rest of the world overtakes us.

You know, I throw up in my mouth just a little whenever I hear Obama administration people talk about "sustainability" or that we must not act in this generation in ways that endanger the next. The astronomically larger government they are crafting is both unsustainable and harmful to the next generation, who will be born into a Nanny State wishing to micromanage all aspects of their lives, and saddled with staggering debt.
This week's sustainability summit represents the first time that the Department is taking a leadership role in the work of educating the next generation of green citizens and preparing them to contribute to the workforce through green jobs. President Obama has made clean, renewable energy a priority because, as he says, it's the best way to "truly transform our economy, to protect our security, and save our planet."
Educators have a central role in this. A well educated citizen knows that we must not act in this generation in ways that endanger the next. They teach students about how the climate is changing. They explain the science behind climate change and how we can change our daily practices to help save the planet. They have a role in preparing students for jobs in the green economy.
Historically, the Department of Education hasn't been doing enough in the sustainability movement. Today, I promise you that we will be a committed partner in the national effort to build a more environmentally literate and responsible society. 

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