Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Going Nuclear

Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore makes the case for nuclear power as the perhaps the only way to prevent global warming. According to this article, our coal buring power plants create over a third of our total emissions of carbon dioxide. His argument is logical and practical, not emotional.
"Look at it this way: More than 600 coal-fired electric plants in the United States produce 36 percent of U.S. emissions -- or nearly 10 percent of global emissions -- of CO2, the primary greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Nuclear energy is the only large-scale, cost-effective energy source that can reduce these emissions while continuing to satisfy a growing demand for power. And these days it can do so safely."

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James Aach said...

Yes, emotion often gets in the way of rational thought when radiation is concerned.

FYI: Stewart Brand, the founder of The Whole Earth Catalog mentioned in the linked article above, has also endorsed a techno-thriller novel of nuclear power by a longtime industry insider (me). This story serves as a lay person's guide to the good and the bad of this power source. (There's plenty of both). The book is available at no cost to readers at http://RadDecision.blogspot.com - and they seem to like it, judging from their comments on the homepage.