Friday, April 28, 2006

Ultra Large TRansport Aircraft (ULTRA)

This thing is big. Really big. Twice as big as a Russian An225 and five times the payload.

Boeing Frontiers Online: "Designed primarily for long-range, transoceanic transport, the Pelican would fly as low as 20 feet above the sea, taking advantage of an aerodynamic phenomenon that reduces drag and fuel burn. Over land, it would fly at altitudes of 20,000 feet or higher. Operating only from ordinary paved runways, the Pelican would use 38 fuselage-mounted landing gears with a total of 76 tires to distribute its weight."

This might look familiar to those who remember the Russian Ekranoplan, an earlier effort to build a transport that takes advantage of Wing In Ground Effect. The big difference is that the Pelican will use runways (76 tires!) and can fly at altitude if it needs to.

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