Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cloaking Device Is Possible

A way to make objects invisible has been described in a scientific paper, although an actual device has not yet been built. The mathmatics show it will work, but there are limitations. It only works over a short range of wavelengths, and the object must be close to the superlens. Still, it has it's uses.
"The cloaking device relies on recently discovered materials used to make superlenses that make light behave in a highly unusual way. Instead of having a positive refractive index - the property which makes light bend as it passes through a prism or water - the materials have a negative refractive index, which effectively makes light travel backwards. It's light, but not as we know it.

Prof Milton's team calculated that when certain objects are placed next to superlenses, the light bouncing off them is essentially erased by light reflecting off the superlens, making the object invisible."

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