Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Death and Taxes

I urge you to look at this.
Death and Taxes is a representational graph of the federal discretionary budget. The amount of money that is spent at the discretion of your elected representatives in Congress. Basically, your federal income taxes.

The data is from the President’s annual budget proposal but it must pass both the House and Senate before it goes into effect.

While “Death and Taxes” contains an enormous amount of information, the purpose of the graph is to generate questions. The right questions. Your taxes are being spent in your name and mostly likely you are unaware exactly what they are used for. This “Death and Taxes” will hopefully answer that “what” question.

The next question that should be asked is “why”?
The graph is much too large to see on the page all at once, so use the controls at the bottom to zoom in, then click and drag your way around the graph and see how your money is spent. If you don't like it, your only recourse is to let your representatives know it.

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