Friday, February 09, 2007

Top Ten Signs An Astronaut Is Trying To Kill You

10. Says, "This is a giant leap for mankind" as she tosses you off a bridge

9. You turn on CNN and see the Hubble Telescope focusing on your house

8. She promises to "Take you out like Pluto"

7. It sounds crazy, but you could swear Mars is following you

6. You were on the "Maury" episode: "I Had A Booty Call And Now An Astronaut Is Trying To Kill Me"

5. Her previous attempts to kill you have been postponed due to high winds

4. She poisons your Tang

3. Says she looks forward to being the first to walk on your lifeless corpse

2. Been getting threatening emails from Connie@International Space

...and the number one sign that an astronaut is trying to kill you

1. She keeps stabbing you with a pen that writes upside down

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