Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lisa Nowack Update

The AP reports:

Lisa Nowak's trial has been scheduled for a two-week period starting July 30, said Danielle Tavernier, a spokeswoman for State Attorney Lawson Lamar.

Nowak, a mother of three who is separated from her husband, was arrested in February after allegedly confronting Colleen Shipman, the girlfriend of astronaut Bill Oefelein, in an Orlando airport parking lot. She drove from Houston, wearing an astronaut diaper so that she would not have to stop during her 900 mile (1,448-kilometer) trip, authorities said.
Interesting that they don't mention the pepper spray, BB gun, knife, steel mallet and rubber tubing - indications of evil intent. No, the real story here is the diapers - every story must mention the diapers. Well, what should I expect from a media which keeps us focused on triva while paying only lip service to real issues. Not that I'm cynical or anything.


Michael Anissimov said...

The diaper thing is just waaaaay too funny to pass up. I love how they oh-so-subtly squish it into the middle of a sentence. We can call this Diapergate.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have to admit the diaper angle kicks things up to a whole other level of wacky.