Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Future Belongs To Females

It's tough to be a 21st century male. First we're told that women will be able to make their own sperm from bone marrow cells, and now comes a prediction that the economy will shift to one which favors women's traits. The BBC reports:
We have had the industrial age, we have had the information economy. But now for something different: "the care economy", predicts BT's Ian Pearson. And, says Mr Pearson assuredly, women - not men - are best suited for this shift.

After years of so called soft skills - such as communication - being sidelined, they will now play centre-stage. "People will have to focus on being people, using their emotional skills," asserts Mr Pearson - with male confidence.

And, he insists, women are instinctively good at this.
Actually I'm happy that women will be getting their time in the sun. I just hope this doesn't mean I'll have to sit around and talk about my feelings all day.

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