Friday, June 08, 2007

LIes, Damn Lies and Statistics

In an entertaining example of how data can be chosen and massaged to find any statistical correlation desired, demonstrates that the number of Republican in the US Senate is closely tied to the Sunspot Cycle.

Some readers may scoff and suggest that in the absence of any mechanism, these powerful correlations are numerological artifacts arrived at using post hoc fallacious reasoning that have no predictive capability. That might appear to be a valid argument. However the ultimate test will of course be experimental. On the basis of these intriguing results, we propose exposing Republican senators to varying levels of cosmic rays in a basement and monitoring their electability. Any refusal by the funding agencies or ethical review panels to support this would simply be confirmation that the political science establishment are scared of what this research would imply for their so-called "consensus".
Of course is lampooning critics of global warming, but I'm certain manipulation of data to obtain a desired outcome has occurred on both sides of the debate. It's human nature.

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