Monday, September 10, 2007


The time of Apollo is fading. It's unlikely that any of the surviving moonwalkers will live to see mankind's retun to Luna. Their feelings, recollections and reflections on their amazing journey are a precious resource. So I was very pleased to learn of the documentary IN THE SHADOW OF THE MOON. The source material incudes 60 hours of interviews with the surviving astronauts (except, unfortunately, Neil Armstrong), rare remastered NASA archive footage and mission control tapes, and other footage from the time. The filmmakers even created a record of the times that did not exist before, by taking 16mm silent footage of mission control and matching it to dialoge from controller tape loops.

In additon to the film, which debuts this month, the filmmakers plan to release addtional material on the DVD, as well as making the entire 60 hours of interviews available as a reference for historians.

The creators also intend to do a documentary for The Science Channel tenatively called "Moon Machines" which will apply the same kind of treatment to the engineers who built the awesome Apollo hardware. I can't wait for that one!

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