Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Real Obama

At first, I was as captivated by Obama's smooth, elegant oratory as most others were. After years mangled english from the "chief decider" of our "strategery", how refreshing to hear a politician who could master the language. How delightful to listen to clear, confident speeches calling for hope, instead of shrill accusations or half-hearted support for a war that no one admits to have wanted.

Obama wisely cast himself as an agent of change and of hope, although with nothing to distinguish his record while in Congress, there is no reason to see him in such a role. Perhaps it was because having no accomplishments left a blank slate on which we could draw.

Now that blank slate is being filled in. We find his friend, mentor and spiritual guide for over 20 years is an America-hating, racist, conspiracy-minded extremist. We find that Obama's real opinion of small-town America is condescending and elitist.

Oh, we're told that somehow Jeremiah Wright's hateful ranting had no effect at all on Obama's character, only the "good" he's done had an impact. Now we're told that Obama's characterization of middle-America was "twisted" - that he really didn't mean they were a bunch of bigoted yokels who hate anyone who's not like them and "cling to God and guns". Right.

Obama's attempts to explain all this is slick - he's slicker than "Slick Willie" asking what the definition of "is" is - but I'm not buying any of it. Who is the real Obama? Jonathan Kay provides a concise definition:
Obama was essentially a doctrinaire left-wing Democrat who'd used masterful oratory to fool the media into thinking he was some sort of quasi-messianic bi-partisan change agent.
And that is the real Obama. But although Obama's background and world view is troubling, as a hard-core liberal that is to the left of Ted Kennedy, there are more and better reasons to oppose him. And as much as we'd like bipartisanship in the White House and the Congress, we ain't gonna get it with Obama.

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