Friday, March 19, 2010

On The Edge Of Socialism

Unless YOU take action now, the House of Representatives is about to plunge this nation into a nightmare from which we may never awaken.

The bill they may pass (or simply "deem" passed) was crafted behind closed doors and is filled with special deals - bribes in exchange for votes by "Representatives" that are little more than prostitutes, with Reid and Pelosi their pimps. The bribes don't stop with the provisions of the bill. The Administration has used the regulatory power of the EPA as weapon, granting water to water-starved farmers if their congressman played along. They've made promises of position and power. They've done it "The Chicago Way". The corruption we've seen in this process literally makes me sick to my stomach, and there must be other deals cut of which we aren't aware.

But Obama says he doesn't care about process. I'm sure that's true. As a follower of Saul Alinsky, he believes that the end justifies the means. So let's talk about the end. The bill is a transitional stage to the single-payer system. Many on the far left are quite open about it, speaking of how this will give them the tools to kill private insurance. During the campaign Obama himself mentioned that Canada had a transitional stage. Obama pledges that if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. However, the government make the rules, acts as the referee, and will also be a participant. It will be impossible for private insurance to compete under these conditions, especially when their competition can print money.

However, this bill is more than just a giant step towards socialized medicine. It is the framework from which Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America will spring. What aspect of our lives doesn't impact our health? Therefore, what aspects of our lives will be free from government meddling? The world is full of people who know better than us about how we should live our lives, and are anxious to impose their wisdom on us with the force of government.

This is especially troubling since the vast scope of the bill demonstrates that the Federal government recognizes absolutely no limits on their power to control. When asked where in the Constitution the Congress is given the power to force citizens to purchase health insurance, Pelosi responded "Are you joking?" while others have invoked the phrase "promote the general welfare" - which could be used to justify any action they might wish to take. To the great dismay of progressives, the Constitution gives the federal government a set of enumerated powers, with all others reserved to the states or to the people. For more than a century they've been chipping away at these Constitutional limitations - "progressing" beyond it - and should this bill become law, they will achieve their final victory.

The other part of the bill is government takeover of all student loans. What problem is that trying to solve, exactly? It's real intent, as with Health Care, is control. Control of who goes, and where. Schools who do not indoctrinate with the proper ideology will find students and money drying up. Sure, most schools fill their students with liberal crap without even being told, but to make the great Socialist utopia last, they have to make sure everyone is thinking of the collective rather than their personal liberty.

If you take out the smoke and mirror accounting tricks, this bill really costs about two trillion dollars that we must borrow from China to be payed back by our children. However, that assumes the bill stays as it is, and we know from every government entitlement program in the history of the world that it will grow. I was curious as to how accurate prior CBO estimates have been. The answer is not very.

Government estimates for entitlement programs have been wildly inaccurate. In fact, their worst-case estimate was off by 2,600%. But let's give them the benefit of a doubt and use the House Ways & Means estimate for Medicare. In 1967, their prediction for costs in 1990 was 12 billion. They were only off by AN ORDER OF MAGNITUDE. Based on history, I believe the current CBO estimate for the cost of the bill is is not as Nancy Pelosi indicated "precise", but rather a steaming pile of horseshit. Sorry for the language, but I had to use the correct technical term.

However, even if the numbers were accurate, and as Obama said "we can't afford NOT to do it", I would vehemently oppose this bill. Unlike the loathsome members of Congress trying to foist this overwhelmingly unpopular monstrosity down our throats, I am not for sale. Even if the savings were real, they aren't worth throwing away my personal liberty - liberty that was dearly paid for in blood and treasure for over 200 years. I would never trade my freedom for the false security of the Nanny State.

Our republic hangs by the slimmest thread. At this point the only thing that can be done is to let your voice be heard. If this passes, it is the beginning of a long battle in the courts, on the floor of the House and Senate, and in the voting booths. If this passes, it must be resisted in every way possible (short of violence of course). It would be far better to kill it now.

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