Wednesday, September 08, 2010

OK - Explain this!

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What the hell? A Stonehenge-like structure with jets setting in the center, in the middle of nowhere. Nearby, a large square carved out of the earth, next to a series of giant, interconnected lines.

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Scruffy Scirocco said...

My first impression is that we're looking at an old atomic test range - analyzing the effects of nuclear weapons on structures and vehicles at various ranges. But I look at the scale, and that doesn't seem likely- the circle is about a thousand feet across, and is divided into 30 degree pie slices. My guess is that we're looking at an aerial gunnery range. To the east is a level square about a half a mile on a side, and what looks like a city street layout. The city street area is old, as evidenced by the erosion in the stream beds. Go farther east, and you have a couple of airfields without airplanes or buildings. Then an irregular line area, fairly new, but squared off. An interesting feature is the north end of one of the air fields has a square area that has definite evidence of cratering, like a bomb or artillery strike. I think we're definitely looking at some sort of military training facility here.