Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just One More Post On Global Warming

Well, I've finally seen "An Inconvenient Truth", and found it to be a mixed bag. Although it was a compelling presentation, I could have done without the political advertisements. I guess I'm supposed to conclude that Al Gore, denied the chance to guide us to ecological paradise by hanging chads and the Supreme Court, decided that the only way he could save the world from certain global disaster was with a slide show.

I'm wary anytime someone speaks in absolute terms. We're told there is zero scientific disagreement about how the temperature and CO2 data were derived; how the data correlates; or the predicted effects over the next 50 years. In reality about all we can say for sure is that CO2 appears to be related to global temperatures; that CO2 levels are likely to continue to rise; and this will probably result in higher temperatures. Now, that's an important message to be sure, but that's not the message presented. Instead, Gore decided it's much more interesting to represent yourself as the Messenger Of Truth, revealing hidden knowledge with certainty and conviction.

There seems to be something of a backlash against Gore in the media. It's predictable really. Hollywood likes to put people on a pedestal so they can have the pleasure of knocking them down. It doesn't matter if it's an Al Gore or a Britney Spears.

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