Friday, October 14, 2005

CEV assembly at Kennedy Space Center?

Florida Today: "Sen. Bill Nelson is trying to help broker a deal to make Brevard County the final assembly site for the spaceship proposed to replace NASA's shuttles and carry Americans back to the moon."

Hey, it makes sense for both economic and safety reasons, but I'm sure that other areas of the country will put up a fight for their piece of the pie.


AlanK said...

Hi just found your blog, also interested in space was there in july when lauch was delayed was hoping to see it

also liked cat pictures, although more of a dog person myself

will link to your blog asap

Randy said...

Thanks for your comments and the link.

I grew up in that area during Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab eras. I've personally seen every manned launch of each of those programs. My father worked on White Room environmental equipment on the "Air Force" side of the Cape; my grandfather worked on the Titan III pad; and my brother worked with Hypergolic systems on the Shuttle. Curiously, I was the only big Space Fan in the family!

I have a couple of Siberian Huskeys in addition to the cats. I need to get their photos on the blog soon or they'll get jealous.