Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Hijacking the Internet

AT&T and the other major telcos haven't been at all shy about what they want to do to the Internet (and to you). This essay by the Center for Digital Democracy summarizes their frightening vision:

The nation's largest telephone and cable companies have a vision for the Internet's future. Verizon, AT&T (formerly SBC), Comcast, and Bell South want to create a privately run and branded "pay-as-you-go" Internet, making everything we do online a "billable," revenue-generating service. Our every cyberspace move will be tracked and stored so we can be better marketed to (a data collection system that might even rival the NSA's!). Those with the deepest pockets--think corporate special interest groups and major advertisers--will get preferred treatment. Their content will show up (and be processed) the fastest on our computer and television screens. Content seen as undesirable, such as peer-to-peer communications, may be relegated to a slow lane or simply shut out, say "white papers" and other documents given to the cable and phone industry.

Unless we take action this WILL happen. The FCC sure isn't going to stop them.

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