Tuesday, March 14, 2006

KeepVid: Download videos from Google, Youtube, iFilm, Putfile, Etc.

Want to keep a local copy of the some of the cool videos you see on Astroroach?

KeepVid.com is the solution. It works with most video sites including Google Video, YouTube, Break.com, IFILM, PutFile and many others. Just select the tab for the site you want to download from , then copy and paste the link of the page with the video, and you're done.

Note: I usually link the title of an embedded video entry to it's web page, so that's the link you want to paste into KeepVid.

As a bonus this site links to dozens of video hosting sites that I've never heard of, so there might find some cool new content. Enjoy!

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Billy said...

I personally use Keepvid and Wantyoutube. They are useful and wonderful tools. Thanks for your sharing! Great article!