Thursday, April 12, 2007

F-35 Helmet Mounted Display

Head-Up Displays are so 20th century. This Helmet Mounted Display to be used in the Joint Strike Fighter allows display of augmented reality, overlaying day and night imagery as well as flight symbology by precision head position tracking. Fitting that all into a helmet that you can eject in was quite a challenge. Looks pretty freakin' cool too. reports:

Lockheed Martin has begun flying the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with the helmet-mounted display (HMD) system that will be the primary source of flight information for pilots of the stealthy combat aircraft.

Developed by Vision Systems International (VSI), the HMD was used by chief test pilot Jon Beesley for the first time last week, on the 10th test flight of the F-35. Previous sorties were flown using only head-down instruments as the F-35 is the first fighter in decades to fly without head-up display (HUD).

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