Friday, April 27, 2007

A Full Plate

"A Full Plate" is the video I made for our Information Systems Division spring meeting. The theme of the meeting was "ISD At The Oscars". Each workcenter was tasked with creating a 15-minute film to inform the other workcenters what projects they were working on.

In the past, some of our workcenters had done elaborate video presentations for these meetings, but my own group, Technical Services, always had too much work to do to, and usually just did boring powerpoint talks. This time, it was mandated that everyone would do their presentation as a video. My boss wanted to show that Tech Services could do it as well as anyone, so of course he came to me!

Unfortunately we were as busy as ever, if not more so, and nobody had much time to work on it. That's when my friend David Jeffress had a brilliant idea - make a film about being too busy to make a film! This was the perfect concept, and everything fell into place pretty quickly after that.

The films were screened at the division meeting today, and at the end the votes were tallied - "A Full Plate" was voted Best Picture! I wish I could claim the credit, but our success was due to the humor and creativity of everyone in Tech Services. All I did was stick a camera in their face and do a bit of editing.

I imagine this is of very little interest to 98% of my readers, but I'm putting it on the blog as a service to any of my co-workers who'd like to see it again. Thanks for your contributions and participation.

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