Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Computer-base Lip Reading

It's 2007 - the iconic years of 1984 and 2001 have come and gone, but we're finally catching up with their dire predictions, as this article from Electronic Design illustrates.
Video surveillance systems incorporating intelligent analysis already do a good job of tracking people, recognizing faces, and even interpreting physical gestures. But if a British research team has its way, surveillance system operators will have yet another new tool to use in their fight against crime and terrorism: automatic lip recognition.

Computer-based lip-reading technology would help video surveillance systems spot people planning a crime or terror attack by literally watching suspects’ lips for clues. Once it finds someone speaking certain key words or sentences, the system would automatically send an alert message to a central console, mobile phone, or other communications device. Police or security agents could then be dispatched to the scene to question the individual.

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