Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lisa Nowack Investigation Continues

Summaries of interviews with Lisa Nowack's crewmembers by NASA's Office of Inspector General and Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS)were released by the state attorney's office.

Some of their comments open a window into what today's astronauts value. For example, she was criticized for being unwilling to do tasks for which she hadn't trained, and for being upset when someone else was chosen over her for an upcoming mission. Now, I dare say that most of us don't like having to do a new task with no training; and most of us get upset when someone else is chosen over us. But apparently these human emotions are taboo for the astronaut corps.
Astronaut Mark Kelly, who was the pilot on Nowak's flight to the space station, said he was unaware of Nowak's relationship with Oefelein. He described Nowak as smart and well-prepared but told investigators he didn't like her.

"She was not a good team player, and he learned in space that she exhibited bad expedition behavior because she was selfish," the investigative summary said.
I guess "Doesn't play well with others" is most damning of all if you're an astronaut. I can see why teamwork is so highly valued - after all, they are trusting their very lives to their teammates.


Anonymous said...

Without details, they are just opinions. Evidence is what people can evaluate.

Unknown said...

The post was not about evaluating her guilt or innocence, but about how she was viewed by other astronauts.

The opinions expressed by Lisa Nowack's co-workers were interesting because they provided a look into the astronaut subculture.

Their perception of her was filtered by what they considered to be proper behavior for an astronaut. Based on their statements, these would include:

(1) Do any task assigned without complaint.

(2) Keep your feelings to yourself.

(3) The team always comes before self.