Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Odd Charges For Fake Cop

The charismatic individual above is Lawrence Hyker, 66, of Safety Harbor FL. Now, Larry is apparently one of those sad individuals who wants to be a a police officer so badly that he falsely claims to have once been an officer, and rides around in a 17 year old Mercury complete with flashing red and blue lights, three scanners, and an assortment of badges for all occasions, including one labeled "Homeland Security". A blue windbreaker with POLICE on the back, a collapsible baton and a baseball cap with DEPUTY SHERIFF completed his ensemble.

My guess is that people like this feel powerless and are attracted by the authority given to police. Of course, anyone who would want to be in law enforcement to feel power over others are the very last ones who should be given such power. Thankfully, Larry was caught and charged, but some of the charges seem rather odd to me.

For example, he was found with a handcuff key around his neck and another in his pocket, and thus was charged with "possession of a concealed handcuff key". Possessing a handcuff key is illegal? And putting it in your pocket is concealing it? Who knew?

He was also charged for having prescription medication that was improperly packaged (no labels on the bottles) and for unlawfully installing radio equipment.

Come on guys. Impersonating an officer is enough of a charge. Now you're just dogpiling.

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Frank said...

If you would have paid closer attention to the pills he had in his possession you might have come to a different conclusion. Two out of every five individuals in our jails and prison are suffering from some form of mental illness.
It might be fun to ridicule someone who looks different but would you have posted this if this were your father or brother?