Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Jack Handy On How Things Even Out

The hilarious yet twisted Jack Handy (Deep Thoughts) discusses how "everything evens out" in an amusing piece in the New Yorker. Here's a small sample.
Eventually, I believe, everything evens out. Long ago, an asteroid hit our planet and killed our dinosaurs. But, in the future, maybe we’ll go to another planet and kill their dinosaurs.

Even in the afterlife things probably even out, although I can’t imagine how.

Still don’t believe that things even out? Try this simple test: flip a coin, over and over again, calling out “Heads!” or “Tails!” after each flip. Half the time people will ask you to please stop.
After reading this I Googled "Deep Thoughts" and see that Jack Handy has an offical Deep Thoughts site now. My life is complete.

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