Thursday, June 23, 2011

NASA's next rocket should keep hope alive - Technology & science - Space -

This article is mostly about the SLS launcher the Senate is forcing NASA to build, but Launch Director Mike Lienbach's comments to his team was the most interesting part.

"The end of the shuttle program is a tough thing to swallow, and we’re all victims of poor policy out of Washington, D.C., both at the NASA level and the executive branch of the government, and it affects all of us — it affects most of you — severely," Leinbach told his team.

“I’m embarrassed that we don’t have better guidance out of Washington, D.C. Throughout the history of the manned space flight program, we’ve always had another program to transition into — from Mercury to Gemini, and to Apollo, to the Apollo-Soyuz test program, to Skylab and then to the shuttle. We’ve always had something to transition into.

“And we had that, and it got canceled and now we don’t have anything, and I’m embarrassed that we don’t. Frankly, as a senior NASA manager, I’d like to apologize to you all that we don’t have that. So there you are. I love you all. I wish you all the best.

“We will press on through this flow and this launch in the way we always do. We’re going to play this game to the final out, and we’ll be done. I just wish you all the best, and again Godspeed to you all. Thank you.”

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