Friday, February 09, 2007

Free Books from WOWIO

WOWIO is a pretty cool idea - Ad-supported ebooks, in PDF form with no DRM, since they realize that only makes legitimate use more difficult.

WOWIO is a new kind of online bookstore that enables readers to download ebooks for free, using full-page advertisements dynamically inserted into the ebooks to compensate authors and publishers. Readers get free ebooks. Advertisers get a powerful new channel to communicate their message to precisely the people they want to reach. Publishers get a new means of distributing their books, expanding their readership, and monetizing their intellectual property.
Keep in mind these include high-quality, copyrighted material...and did I mention the free part? Stop what you're doing and sign up. Then come on back for more Astroroach goodness. You can thank me then.

NOTE: It's free, but there are are some unusual registration requirements. You might need a credit card unless you have an e-mail address from a governement or educational domain. I believe it's currently limited to US citizens. Your mileage may vary.

P.S. - You might want to start with Engines of Creation 2.0: The Coming Age of Nanotechnology by Eric Drexler. which "has been expanded to include the first known lecture on nanotechnology by physicist Richard Feynman, the landmark open letter debate between Dr. Drexler and the late nanotech pioneer and Nobel laureate Dr. Richard Smalley, analysis of the debate by Ray Kurzweil, and a number of new additions by Dr. Drexler, including his advice to aspiring nanotechnologists. "

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